The LOOMEO Showroom

Understand the most important functionalities of LOOMEO. Try out the interactive and intuitive examples.

Matrix vs. Graph

Which visualisation is better to display your system? Matrix or graph? Find out the benefits of boths ways. You can also switch anytime during your work with LOOEMO.

MDM Module

The Multiple Domain Matrix is the key for a representation of complex systems. Find out how you get a benefit from modelling cross-linked systems using a Multiple Domain Matrix.

Clustering and Triangularization

The structure of a system determines its properties and dynamic behaviour. Algorithms are necessary to assess and evaluate the underlying structure. Clustering and Triangularisation are two of the most important algorithms and are to be presented here.


In LOOMEO attributes are processed as permanently assigned properties of elements. Attributes are used to describe a system element in detail: the responsible design engineer, assigned milestone, production sites, production costs, etc. They enable a dynamic analysis of the system´s structure from different perspectives and thereby reveal optimization potential.


The optimisation of existing product or organisation structures can be fulfilled much easier, if the effect of moving units in a network can be seen. With the help of LOOMEO Areals you can built up such scenarios step by step.